Fossils & Rocks


This intriguing collection of fossils, from Orkney and around the world, includes some rare and beautifully preserved specimens.


The fossil collection was donated to the people of Orkney by local builder Leslie Firth, who started collecting after finding fossils at Cruaday Quarry in Sandwick, West Mainland.


Having uncovered treasures some 385 million years old, he started to collect and look for fossils. Soon his reputation spread and other local people contacted him about their own finds.


The result is a fascinating collection from Orkney and beyond, housed in 19th century farm buildings, sympathetically restored by Leslie.

New Orkney Fossil Gallery


  • fossils of strange and now-extinct fish which lived in Lake Orcadie 385 million years ago

  • superb illustrations which bring to life the fish and the world they inhabited

  • a timeline to convey the immense timescale in which planets are born, rocks and fossils form, whole continents move

  • an exploration of Orkney geology
    the rocks of Orkney and how the landscape we see today was formed

New Earth Gallery


  • exquisitely preserved fossils from the world-renowned sites on the Green River, NW Wyoming USA and at Solnhofen, Germany

  • fossils of very ancient and beautiful sea creatures some of which resemble creatures we still see today

  • dinosaur display with a small selection of fossils and facts about these amazing beasts

  • glow room
    which uses UV light to display fluorescent rocks in colours not visible to the naked eye

  • rocks
    and displays which explain how the Earth is unique in the solar system, as far as we know ...

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